孔雀城•英国宫位于辽宁省沈阳市浑河新城中央大街、杜松路交汇处, 目前建设中的地铁10号线可直通本项目。项目规划用地面积约11万平方米,建筑风格为ART DECO风格。景观设计秉承着孔雀城“您的幸福, 我们的梦想”的品牌开发理念,引入学园都市概念,力求打造一个多姿、多彩、多空间的英式田园景观,以此满足不同人群对生活品味的追求与幸福的体验,为城市新贵打造属于自己的专属英伦田园府邸。建成后的沈阳孔雀城将成为一个集教育、生态、游乐、社交、生活为一体的并拥有12大城市配套设施的世界级学园都市。

Downtown Manor is located at the place where Central Avenue and Dusong Street converge. It is near to the station of the under-construction subway line 10. The project occupies an area of 110,000 square meters, home to several Art Deco buildings. The design adheres to the overall development concept of the Peacock Cit—“Committed to make your fortune”. Designers have also introduced the academic city concept, aiming to build it into a multi-functional city with British-style idyllic scenery. It will satisfy all the requirements of its clients and will become a high-level residential area for social elites. In the future, the Peacock City would be a world-class city that integrates education resources, good environment, and recreational facilities and has access to supporting facilities of 12 major cities.

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